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Clinton Foundation Spin-off Won’t Refile Taxes as Promised

This is what happens when Hillary starts to have a few successes, such as her performance fibbing about Benghazi a week or two ago: the ugly side emerges, because the ol’ grifter can’t be bothered to hide it anymore from the rubes.

An organization spun off from the Clinton Foundation has no plans to refile its tax returns due to mistakes in prior years, an official said, contradicting a highly-publicized news report earlier this year.

A series of articles by Politico published as Hillary’s campaign kicked off in the spring noted that the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), spun off from the Clinton Foundation in 2010, had not fully complied with aspects of a conflict-of-interest agreement negotiated with the White House before Hillary became secretary of state.

Specifically, Clinton’s program did not seek a State Department ethics review of several donations from foreign governments, including Switzerland, Rwanda (Clinton got a donation from Rwanda), Sweden, and Papua New Guinea, while also acknowledging the initiative also failed to publicly report its donors at all after the spin-off.

An April 2015 Reuters story, published when Clinton was really on the rocks over her email lies, reported that a Clinton Health Access Initiative spokeswoman conceded that the nonprofit organization made errors reporting the amounts of government grants on its 2012 and 2013 tax filings and said the group planned to refile those returns with the Internal Revenue Service to make things right.

However, in a recent exchange with Politico, the group denied they ever committed to refiling and said no revised forms are being prepared.

“Contrary to what was reported, we have consistently stated that we would conduct a review process to determine whether the transposition errors required a refiling,” the group said Monday. “After conducting the review, the transpositional errors made had no material impact and we do not believe a refiling is required.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how things work in the Clinton universe. When needed to bullsh*t the public, promise anything. When the polls change to your favor, flip the middle finger to that same public. Suckers.