Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

White House Will Not Release Obama-Hillary Emails

Well, well, another blow to transparency, and another batch of Hillary emails that will never be released.

People remark how little of importance can be found in the Clinton emails, and they are for the most part correct. Think how many hands have had the chance to edit and delete messages, and this assumes fair play and good intentions (yeah, right.)

— Clinton may have deleted all sorts of thing after leaving office and/or as soon as this all went public;

— Clinton then deleted all her “personal emails;”

— Then emails could not be found, such as the Blumenthal messages;

— Then we learned that no emails at all exist from her first three months in office, as she was using yet another server then;

— After turning what was left over to the State Department, State then has a chance to redact or withhold emails;

— And now the White House says they will not allow the release of any messages between Clinton and Obama.

Not much left after that.

Yep, the White House will not release emails exchanged between Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton, a senior administration official saidon Friday. The emails will be protected by the presidential records act, which shields communications of sitting U.S. presidents from public view.

“There is a long history of presidential records being kept confidential while the president is in office,” the official said. Obama and Clinton did exchange emails and those records will be released after Obama leaves office, the official said.

Hmmm… after Obama leaves office. That means after the election, right?