Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Why are There Hillary Masks for Halloween?

…because they’re terrifying?

Maybe. But the real reason is that, like in politics, no one can stop her face. Manufacturers are free to reproduce any celebrity face they wish for Halloween, and the candidate/celeb/lizard woman can do nothing to make them stop, even if she wanted to.

Could Hillary Clinton order the companies to stop selling her face?

Slate tells us the technical, legal answer is “not really.” Private individuals can control how their image is used under the “right of publicity.” But for public figures, privacy conflicts with our First Amendment right to insult our leaders. In other words, by choosing to become a public figure, you choose to give up certain rights.

That said, there is a difference between using an image for some “public” purpose, which can be done, and using it as advertising, which cannot be done. So unlike private individuals, prominent public figures are fair game when it comes to posters, T-shirts, and other products that make “a statement,” however thin. A comical and distorted Halloween mask has even greater protection; its “transformative” nature makes it a creative work protected by the First Amendment. But you can’t use Hillary’s mug to sell say, a line of sex toys.

Still, a public figure can try and protect her image with just the threat of a lawsuit. A small company making Hillary masks would eventually win in court, but may not have the cash to actually fight the legal battle and just give up.

And now, to fuel your nightmares and darkest desires…