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Spitzer: I Purposely Canned Plan to Give illegals Licenses to Help Hillary

Well, well, here’s how it works behind the scenes if you’re Hillary.

In a stunning admission, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer says he purposely canceled a plan to give drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants just to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign back in 2007.

The licenses became a key issue in Clinton’s nomination fight with Barack Obama, who said he was for the licenses at a debate in Philadelphia in 2007, while Clinton danced around taking a position.

“She waffled and waffled and waffled,” recalled Spitzer. Clinton got quizzed on the issue after Spitzer pushed it nearly a decade ago, having said it “makes a lot of sense.”

But after other candidates pounced, she came up with a contorted answer where she wouldn’t quite come out for the licenses – even as she defended Spitzer’s effort to solve the problem. “What is the governor supposed to do?” she asked.

Spitzer says now he is “ashamed” of what he did next. “We pulled the proposal” after “we heard from folks who said they want this issue gone” – meaning Clinton’s camp.

See how easy it is when you are Hillary? Just ask and policy is changed in line with your immediate, shallow, political needs.