Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Trump Says Most Intelligent Thing of the Weekend

Donald Trump is usually a floppy haired buffoon, but when he comes out of the weekend being the most intelligent sounding candidate of the bunch, we should either be terrified that he could end up possibly defeating Hillary, or glad he may have some ideas buried under that hair in case he does.

What Trump said was the world would be a better place if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi were still in power. Think about it. The White House can stipulate that Saddam was a bad guy (he was) and that the Qaddafi crew are really, really bad guys (they were), but bad guys are hardly in short supply, including in countries the U.S. supports. What if those place were stable? In a Middle East where real peace is impossible, settling for stability not such a bad idea.

Trump told CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Middle East “blew up” around Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton. “100 percent,” Trump said when asked if the world would be better off with Saddam and Kadhafi still at the helm in Iraq and Libya.

“Nowadays all over the Middle East, people are getting their heads chopped off. They’re being drowned. Right now it’s far worse than ever under Saddam Hussein or Qaddafi,” Trump said. “I mean, look what happened. Libya is a catastrophe. Libya is a disaster. Iraq is a disaster. Syria is a disaster. The whole Middle East. It all blew up around Hillary Clinton and around Obama. It blew up.”

Calling Iraq the “Harvard of terrorism,” Trump said the country had turned into a “training ground for terrorists.”

“If you look at Iraq from years ago, I’m not saying he (Saddam) was a nice guy. He was a horrible guy but it was better than it is now,” Trump said.

Oh my goodness. Trump is right.