Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

GOP Fail

If you’re going to go after Hillary in front of a national audience, you better bring your A game. If you’re going to organize a lynch mob, you don’t let the intended victim walk home with the rope.

Think about the advantages the Republicans had going in.

It was only because of the Benghazi committee’s existence that anyone found out about Clinton’s private email server in the first place. They had six months worth of Clinton’s changing story, lies, and prevarications to confront her with. On Benghazi, the record paints Clinton as uninvolved, distant from her own organization, concerned more for how things would impact her politically than for what happened on the ground. The much-discussed ARB, the State Department’s Accountability Review Board that was supposed to get to the bottom of Benghazi was a set up, a sham that did not even bother to interview Clinton herself before absolving her of any responsibility.

There was a lot to work with.

Instead, the committee devolving into an undue amount of time spent on Sidney Blumenthal, a bit player and toady at best in the Hillary world. The Republican members failed to create a narrative, a simple, clear “story” that average dumbass Americans could understand. They could have, for example:

— Showed Clinton’s decision making and war mongering that lead to the mess in Libya in the first place (you want to trust her as Commander-in-Chief?);

— Focused on how Clinton used the apparatus of the State Department to hide her wrongdoings (what will she try and get away with in the White House?)

— Gone line-by-line over her changing statements, trapping her into showing she was conceding points only when pushed to the wall (what more is she hiding?)


The Republicans were disorganized and unfocused in their questioning. Every time they paused for breath Hillary would launch into a flag waving defense, and no one challenged that aggressively. She created her own sound bites, one after another. She was allowed to give vague answers without being pressed for clear ones. Hillary didn’t just not mess up, she came out the winner, in good part because the Republicans failed so completely to control a situation they should have been in complete control of.

The outcome is clear: whether there is or is not anything more to say about Benghazi, there is nothing anyone will listen to anymore. Same for the email server, absent some bombshell from the FBI (yeah, right.)

After yesterday’s hearing, and this week’s announcement that Biden won’t run, and the continuing clusterf*ck that is the Republican presidential candidate pool, stick a fork in it folks, this election is over. Welcome to the White House, Madame President, and God help the United States.