Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Well, Thanks Joe, and Welcome Madame President

Dammit, Biden, you were the last hope for our nation to avoid the stain of eight years of another Clinton.

I think a lot of Bernie Sanders’ ideas, but his over-the-top performance in the debate, and his near-french kiss with Hillary, made it clear he is really just running an “issue” campaign, one that is designed to use the political process to give him a chance to speak about what matters to him in front of a national audience. He is polling behind Clinton (with New Hampshire a one-and-done possible exception), has less money, less staff and has yet to feel the full wrath of the Hilbots’ attacks.

I also think a fair number of Democratic voters were waiting to see if Biden would jump in. Those people will likely now support Hillary.

With Biden done, certainly none of the Democrats in waiting, such as Warren or Gillibrand, will step up. They’ll get Cabinet positions most likely, and hang around for their turn. They are young and can wait, acquiring some national visibility along the way.

The Republicans? President Trump? Please. None of the Republicans have even shown a tiny bit of possibility of running a national campaign. Carson is a niche religious nut, Trump will implode when people grow tired of his one act (though he does it well) and what were those other people’s names again? Anybody heard much out of Carla or Marco recently?

So what could derail Hillary? Not much. Some very distant possibilities:

— a really serious health issue, on the level of a stroke;

— a major leak of a major smoking gun from inside the FBI investigation of her server, or a similar leak appearing on Wikileaks surreptitiously, but courtesy of the Russian or Chinese government, who no doubt had long ago hacked into her email server;

— perhaps another 9/11 level attack on the U.S. that sends voters into the Republicans’ arms;

— um, I can’t really think of anything else. Can you?