Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Tonight’s Democratic Debate Preview

Tonight’s Democratic debate (8:30 on CNN) should be interesting stuff. Each candidate has something different to aim for, and avoid. Let’s take a look.


Did you know she is running for president? Oh, you’ve heard!

Hillary has the most to lose tonight, and will likely do her best to lose it. She is falling in the polls, and struggling to convince people that email, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation scams, hijinks with her staff working for State and outside organization simultaneously, somehow don’t matter. Her primary campaign memes, vote for me because I want to be the first woman president and at least I’m not a Republican seem weak.

Old Hils needs to swing for the fences tonight, really show she’s got something to offer. She won’t. She’ll be Hillary, too Hillary, and toss out prepared one-liners that will make her seem awkward, and give dry, lawyerly answers to tougher questions. She will likely only add to the image of someone who is just biding her time, waiting for her coronation.


Bernie can be tonight’s big winner. The mainstream media has all but ignored him, and tonight he’ll have a bully platform. He needs to lay out his ideas as concretely as possible, in contrast to Hillary. Most of all, Bernie needs to be Bernie, and not try and tone it down. This is his chance to show he is electable, that he is a real alternative, to inspire. His second place and rising status can be pulled out from under him tomorrow if Biden enters the race, and this debate is a chance to push back against that. He’s the one to keep an eye on this evening. He has the most to gain and the least to lose.

O’Malley, Webb and Chaffee

These guys’ biggest challenge is get a chance, any chance, to say something. No one knows who they are, and large portions of the audience will be learning for the first time they are even running for president. Their hope is to get a few words in to keep their candidacies alive long enough to hope for some job in the next Democratic administration.

If someone like O’Malley can grab a (small) handful of delegates, he can bargain them away to a desperate Hillary, for example, for a shot at say Secretary of Transportation in 2016.

Webb, well, not sure what he wants. Same for Chaffee. Maybe they are part of some secret reality show and this is part of the final stunt?

Stay tuned…