Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Biden to Decide This Weekend?

In an exclusive story, Politico reports “Several people who have visited the vice president recently said he seems to be leaning toward ‘yes.'” A decision is expected soon, maybe even as early as this weekend.

Biden is the game-changer, the Hillary killer. One of Hillary’s huge advantages has been the lack of competition, allowing her to position herself as “might as well hold your nose and vote for me or it’ll be one of those Republican assclowns.” Actually a pretty compelling argument.

The weakness of Hillary’s position is shown by her falling poll numbers, and the successes of Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a good man, but many big-money Democrats fear he lacks the national organization and main stream appeal to win in a general election. Another option seems to be needed.

Will it be Biden?

Politico tells us Biden may make a decision this weekend, or shortly thereafter, on whether to launch an epic battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Several people who have visited Biden recently said he seems to be leaning “yes.”

A former Senate colleague of Biden’s said, after visiting the vice president, “He loves what he does, and he has a great deal of confidence that he could contribute in a meaningful way. He’s willing to face, ultimately, having his final political expedition be a defeat.”

One person who’s in the bearish camp said he thinks that testing the waters has been its own therapy after Biden’s loss of his son. The vice president has been showered with love and attention, and should declare victory and avoid a likely political debacle.

One longtime friend said the long windup — and the fact that no staff has been hired — tells its own story. “If you’re going to run, you run,” the friend said. “Every time he pushes back a decision, that’s the ultimate tell.”

A third recent Biden visitor said: “I can’t see how he can wake up one morning and think some big tidal wave sweeps him in. The raw politics just aren’t there.”

“That’s Joe Biden,” one of them said. “He could talk to someone on a rope line tomorrow, and decide to do it. His emotional state just increases his unpredictability.”