Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

How Things Work for Hillary: the Huma Example

Things work differently on Planet Hillary, something about the amount of oxygen in the air there, or maybe it’s more (less?) gravity. Whatever the reason, the same rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to Hillary. She wants a private email server, she gets one. She wants to lie about things, she can.

And if she wants to set up her aides to become living examples of conflicts of interest, particularly the way Hillary’s official roles intertwine with her Clinton Foundation scams, well, that seems to be OK too.

Today’s example is the way aide Huma Abedin worked intertwined jobs, all without a murmur of concern about conflicts of interest. OK, OK, the spoiler first: there were no conflicts of interest because the only true interest in play here is Hillary.

The New York Post reminds that Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin had her fingers in multiple financial pots, even while still high up in the State Department, is no secret. But the full extent of Abedin’s blurring of roles is coming to light.

This summer, The Washington Post revealed that Abedin was getting paid four different ways: from the taxpayers for her State Department work serving only Hillary, from the Clinton Foundation serving only Hillary, as political adviser to Hillary serving only Hillary and by the Clinton-allied firm Teneo Holdings, basically serving only Hillary.

The Washington Times reported last week how Huma’s hats came together in September 2012, when she organized an upscale event with ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

A blind man in the dark could’ve seen the level of conflicts of interest involved in the Bush-Clinton-Blair event — which fed almost immediately into an “official” State-sponsored trip to Ireland, in which Teneo had significant involvement. Huma took point on the trip — supposedly on behalf of the World Ireland Fund and Secretary Clinton’s “farewell” tour. Yet it also notably featured at least one dinner with a longtime donor to the once and future presidential candidate.

Welcome to Clintonland. Don’t expect anything to change just because someone moves into the White House. If you gotta give Hillary credit for anything, it is consistency.