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NSA: Clinton Emails an ‘Opportunity’ for Foreign Powers

So imagine, with all the skills and technology America’s adversaries bring to the cyberwar table, if someone said to them “Oh, by the way, forget all that. The Secretary of State’s full email pile is all on an unencrypted server run out of her basement. Can you send the intern out onto the web to go haul all that intel in please?”

Hah hah. Not satire. That’s what likely happened one morning in Moscow and/or Beijing (imagine a hilarious scene where the KGB and Chinese intelligence “bump” into each other inside the Clinton server. Laffs!)

So says the NSA. And since they electronically peep into every set of computer windows they can, they should know.

It would present an “opportunity” for spy agencies if the foreign minister of Russia or Iran were to use a private email server for official business, the chief of the U.S. National Security Agency said on Thursday.

The comments by Admiral Mike Rogers were in response to questions during a U.S. Senate hearing about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for email.

“From a foreign intelligence perspective, that represents opportunity,” Rogers told senators.

During a hearing on the NSA, Republican Senator Tom Cotton asked Rogers a series of questions related to Clinton’s use of a private email server at her home for communications as secretary of state.

Rogers said he did not want to be dragged into the issue, but Cotton said he wanted the NSA director’s “professional opinion.”

Cotton asked whether Rogers considered the communications of top advisers to the president, even those that are unclassified, a top priority for foreign spy agencies.

“Yes,” Rogers responded.