Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton’s Talk Show Happy Time All Smiles Blitz and Rolling Revue

Which is worse? Clinton the emotionless robot or Clinton the false emotion robot? Can someone please transfuse some human blood into this woman?

Ugh. After months of a campaign that failed to connect with “real people” (remember the Scooby Van and Chipotle?) and stage-managed town halls, the Clinton people realized their girl was coming off as cold and lizard-like. Mostly because as a “person” she is cold and lizard-like. The answer of course was to go all out to create a media blitz that showed old Hils as just another fun bag.

If you watched TV last week, you probably had your eyes scorched by this.

She danced the Nae Nae with Ellen DeGeneres. She talked to Extra’s Mario Lopez about meeting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And in a late-night appearance on The Tonight Show, she sipped wine in a sketch that had her talking on the phone with host Jimmy Fallon, who played Donald Trump. They made wacky jokes.

Those close to Clinton say the talk show circuit isn’t so much a mapped-out strategy as an opportunity to showcase Clinton unplugged.

“Anytime I see her looking like my friend, the Hillary Clinton I know, I’m happy about that,” said Ellen Tauscher, who served under Clinton, at State. Tauscher said she’s been fielding calls about how well the Democratic front-runner did in her appearance with Fallon in particular. Riiiiiight.

But some observers aren’t quite sure the television blitz will bolster Clinton’s likability. The effort has been met with eye-rolls from some political observers.

“The problem is, when your communications people are telling everyone that Hillary is about to be humorous, authentic and charming, you’re telling people that Hillary is about to be humorous, authentic and charming,” said Tobe Berkowitz, a professor of advertising who specializes in political communication. “And that seems counterintuitive because you know her goal is to be humorous, authentic and charming.”

Another longtime ally took it a step further. “I can’t watch any of these shows without thinking about this ‘strategy,’ and that’s a problem.”