Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

With Falling Numbers, Hillary Dumps Public Event (But Holds Fundraiser with the Rich)

Woman of the People Hillary Clinton apparently has fewer subjects in her Queendom than she would like. So few that she just scrapped a public event in Dallas (oh, sorry, it was a scheduling conflict.)

But some good news — Hils still found time in Dallas to hold a fundraising event. But even that was kind of sad, as crowd expected to spend a few moments in Madame’s presence had all of 150 slots available.

So maybe now Hillary has a sad.

She was all set to visit Dallas Tuesday, but has scrapped a previously announced public event for Big D Democrats. She still arrived like any other grifter, however, hat in hand.

Dallas lawyer Marc Stanley is hosting Clinton for a fundraising breakfast. He expected 150 people to attend but would not comment on how many actually showed up. Of course the event was closed to the public Hillary claims she is running to represent. Stanley also refused to give his fundraiser goal, another sign of Hillary’s new transparency.

Clinton’s campaign also would not give out any details about her schedule. It was only some investigative work by KXAS NBC 5 that broke the news today that Clinton’s public event had been cancelled.

Clinton’s only previous visit to Texas was in June, for another super-private fundraiser.