Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

State Department to Shift 50 Staff to Office Handling Clinton Emails

So last week Hillary said in an interview that she took “responsibility” for the troubles caused by her email capers. She left open the answer to the question of how a Clinton defines “responsibility,” leaving open the question of whether or not she’ll actually be responsible for anything.

Had Hillary simply followed the law, rules, regulations and practices of the entire rest of the government and used a government email account, her messages would have been properly archived, classified at the time they were sent and received, and available to journalists and researchers on a regular basis throughout the last six years.

Instead, all that stuff now is being compressed into a very short period of time.

So, since Hillary is all about wanting now to take some responsibility, as a public service I suggest she pay for this:

The U.S. State Department plans to move about 50 workers into temporary jobs to bolster the office sifting through Hillary Clinton’s emails and grappling with a vast backlog of other requests for information to be declassified. The extra staff will not work on the monthly, court-ordered release of Clinton emails, which are being handled by another 20 permanent, and 30 part-time, workers, officials said. The new staff will fill in for those workers and may also handle other Clinton FOIA requests.

The move illustrates the huge administrative burden caused by Clinton’s decision to use a private email address for official communications as secretary of state and a judge’s ruling in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that they be released.

Your move, Hils…