Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

It Might Be Time for Hillary Clinton to Start Panicking

See that photo? That’s who showed up at Hillary’s campaign event in Columbus, Ohio. No-freaking-body there, baby.

Think about it. Columbus, a major city inside the battleground state of Ohio. If you are the self-appointed heir to the White House, you kind of want to win that one.

And have you been watching the rhetoric out of the Clinton campaign? The tone has shifted to all but ignoring New Hampshire and Iowa, and now focuses on Super Tuesday in March, six l-o-n-g months from now, and how it will be there and then that Hillary wraps this all up. It seems that expectations for the faithful are being tamped down, not a good sign.

But good political junkies love the numbers, and the trend lines in hard form, so let’s see that:

And all that even before Biden, a strong campaigner, has entered the race.

The latest piece of bad news for Hillary Rodham Clinton came in the form of a Quinnipiac poll out of Iowa on Thursday morning: Bernie Sanders, 41 percent. Clinton, 40 percent. Clinton has dropped 11 points in two months in the state, and now 1 in 3 self-identified Democrats say she is not honest or trustworthy.

The poll numbers come just days after NBC and Marist College released twin surveys in Iowa and New Hampshire that also spelled trouble for Clinton. She led Sanders in Iowa 38 to 27 — less than half her lead in a July NBC/Marist poll. In New Hampshire, Sanders led Clinton 41 to 32 — a 20-point shift from where the race stood in July.