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State Department Asks to Delay Clinton Aides’ Records Release Until 2016

The State Department is proposing to delay the release of records from top aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into 2016.

The department’s attorneys described the resources devoted to fulfilling public requests for the records as “strained to the limit” and asked a federal court late Tuesday for permission to delay the release of records from Clinton’s aides until January at the earliest.

The State Department was ordered by a federal judge to start producing documents from Clinton’s aides by last week, a deadline the department missed. If approved by a judge, the new timetable would ensure that records from Clinton’s aides will continue to be released well into next year, when voters will head to the polls in the Republican and Democratic primaries and the November 2016 general election.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras is expected to rule on the timing of the release of her aides’ records at a hearing on Friday. He previously rejected a State Department plan to release the Clinton emails in a single batch in January, ordering them released as they become available.

FUN FACT: Clinton’s statements about her desire for transparency are (surprise!) at odds with her actions. The current mess at the State Department, backlogs on FOIA requests and the like, is caused by Clinton not using a standard government email system. Had she used State’s system, all four years of her emails would have been properly stored, and there would not be a backlog of requests — those requests could have been processed as they arrived over four years. And of course, had Clinton followed the rules, there would have been no email scandal to untangle at taxpayer expense at all!