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State to Dump Out Largest Batch of Clinton Emails Yet So Far

Stand by for hijinks — sometime today the State Department will release the largest batch of Clinton messages made public thus far.

The size of the planned posting on the State Department’s website, said to be 6,106 pages, should give journalists, their tired interns and Clinton critics and defenders a lot to gnaw on. The volume of emails going public today is roughly the same as that of all of Clinton’s messages unveiled up to this point.

One of the most closely watched aspects of Monday’s release will be how many of the messages the State Department and the intel agencies deem classified. In previous disclosures, 63 messages have been partially withheld due to classified information. That number seems certain to grow substantially in the new batch.

Not that any of that matters! (according to Clinton, because what the hell, it’s not an indictable offense, the only standard Hillary applies to herself.)

Clinton, who insisted when her six years of hiding the private email server was exposed in March that there was no classified information in her email, now is walking that unequivocal statement back, saying instead she herself didn’t send anything classified (one wonders if the Clinton definition of “said” also includes “forward”) and says nothing was marked as classified at the time.

Clinton’s team has also tried to cast the classification issue simply as the result of disputes between the State Department and other agencies — can’t we just agree to disagree?

In the interests of freedom or whatever, the State Department initially proposed holding back Clinton’s emails until next January and releasing them in one large batch in response to pending Freedom of Information Act requests. However, U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras rejected that approach and ordered monthly releases from June through early next year.