Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

How Many Classified Emails Madame Secretary?

While Clinton seemingly has no strategy other than to bleat endlessly how she has no classified material on her private email server, the facts continue to interfere. Reality is such a b*tch.

Most significant is the news that a State Department review of Clinton’s emails has already found at least 305 messages that could contain classified information and require further scrutiny by federal agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

And that count comes from the State Department itself, which has, from Day One, seemed perfectly willing to hide Clinton’s potential issues from public oversight.

In a court filing that was part of a lawsuit against the State Department, officials told a federal judge in Washington they would be able to meet an existing schedule to release copies of Clinton’s emails because “only” five percent of the messages reviewed so far contain possible secret information that could hold them back for further analysis. The agency said those 305 emails with potential classified data were among more than 1,500 documents analyzed so far.

Recap: A review of only five percent of the total pile of messages already yielded 305 suspect emails. Those are not good odds.

The State Department admissions came just one day after Clinton said in an Iowa radio interview that during her stint as secretary of state in the Obama administration she had never sent or received any emails on her private server that had information clearly marked classified.

Note that in March Clinton said “no classified.” Now, the term she uses is no “information clearly marked classified.” Notice how none of her excuses seem to last very long?

Not one to back down, Clinton instead chose to double down. See, her having a private email server was actually a good thing:

“If I had not asked for my emails all to be made public, none of this would have been in the public arena,” she said in that same radio interview.

Um, sorry Hillary, no. The Associated Press and other news organizations had sought copies of Clinton’s emails under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act for years, with each request denied by the State Department. State claimed it has no Clinton emails to share, sort of true because the government itself never had ’em, Hillary did.