Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Is There a Real Hillary? Oh Yes, and She’s Very Hungry

Hillary Clinton is hungry, but because she is all appetite, she’s unlikely to ever have enough.

Some people eat for their health, some enjoy the taste, but Hillary is driven to consume without becoming full, to bear disgrace, to hold everything back, all so she can taste more of what compelled her from the earliest days: power. That’s the Hillary who is running for president.

Hillary Clinton first came to the table as a Republican Goldwater Girl who quickly switched parties to be a Watergate attorney, and then dropped out of politics herself to become Bill’s First (but not second, third, or…) Lady, from his affairs while governor of Arkansas through his affairs while President of the United States. Hillary reappeared as Senator from New York to set the stage for becoming a candidate for president in 2008, accepting the consolation prize of Secretary of State as preparation for her new role, Heir Apparent.

Hunger causes people to do strange things. The key to understanding Hillary’s appetite lies in her standing silent as Bill demeaned and embarrassed her on a seemingly regular schedule in his epic string of affairs. Hillary had two choices: stand up, and then fade away as an asterisk in the history books, ex-wife of a president, or allow her appetite to grow. Let’s see what was served for dinner.

After a failed swipe at power as the first First Lady to assume a meaty policy role (health care reform), Hillary collected her debt from Bill after leaving the White House. Always ready to eat, Hillary used her husband to soak up funding, then moved to New York state without shame to ensure she would face a lite challenge for her way-station Senate seat.

Running for president in 2008, Hillary found herself again pushed around by a powerful man whose favor she would need. In a carefully orchestrated move, Clinton bowed, and was rewarded as Secretary of State by the victor. As Secretary, Hillary devoted herself near-completely to endless travel to create B-roll footage for her next campaign. A statesman without hard accomplishments (and thus few rough failures), Hillary knew she had only to play along, swallow hard, and wait for the big dinner to be served – 2016!

We’re long past believing candidates seek higher office to serve the people, but a smidgen of humility and some desire to help the greater good still matters. Hillary has little of that. She is just appetite, and won’t stop until she’s eaten it all.

Which Hillary is running for president? All of them, and they are hungry.