Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Clinton’s Emails: 69% Want Special Prosecutor To Investigate

It has indeed been a long, hot summer for Candidate Clinton. And hey, it’s only early August!

A new blow to her personal expectation that all of us should just agree she should be president right now is a new poll, in which fully 69 percent of those following the Hillary Clinton email scandal want the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to determine whether she mishandled classified information on the private email account she used while secretary of state.

Was the poll heavily influenced by last week’s revelations that some of Clinton’s emails contained classified information, despite repeated claims to the contrary by the Democratic presidential candidate?

More bad news for Clinton: the poll question was asked before the revelation. It is doubtful that learning Clinton’s emails may have contained classified info lessened people’s’ desire to see a special prosecutor look into all this.

Not surprisingly, support for a special prosecutor was stronger among Republicans (89 percent) than Democrats (39 percent), but a high 76 percent of independents want Justice to make the move.

Support for a special prosecutor is spread across age groups. Fully 83 percent of those 18-24, for example, back a special prosecutor, as do 61 percent of those 65 and older.

No doubt the Clinton camp is watching things like this closely. They obviously do not expect support from Republicans, and know they can count on many Democrats’ support even if Hillary slaughtered a live goat on national TV. But the number that should worry her is that 76 percent of independents. Same for the age spread; voters 18-24 are generally presumed to be pro-Clinton, and the fact that they so overwhelmingly are in favor of a prosecutor cannot be good news.

Those votes will matter a lot in the general election, particularly the women in that group Hillary is counting on.