Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

New Poll, More Bad News for Hillary

As her limited public appearances continue to paint her more as impatient than driven, Hillary also faces a world increasingly awash in bad news.

The net seems to be closing on her misuse of private email while a government employee. Every day brings new revelations of misuse of the Clinton Foundation to generate corrupt money. Even sleazy personnel issues have surfaced regarding Clinton’s hiring of Huma Abedin while at State.

And now, rumors are steady that Joe Biden will enter the race. On the sidelines are additional players, such as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who may also join in, running against Clinton.

And those polls.

She has received her worst favorability rating ever. She has lost ground on Republicans’ three strongest candidates. And she is perceived to be about as honest and trustworthy as Donald Trump. Those are some of the troubling numbers for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University.

Some good news for Hillary as well: the poll still shows her with 55 percent of the Democratic vote nationwide. Bernie Sanders takes 17 percent of the vote. Vice President Joe Biden, who is not even running (yet) gets 13 percent support from Democratic primary voters.

From there, though, the numbers show some complications for the Democratic front-runner. For one, Biden is running about as well against top Republicans in hypothetical general-election matchups. She has lost significant ground against those opponents since Quinnipiac’s poll from May; Clinton trails former Jeb Bush 42-41 percent.

She led Bush by 10 points in May. Biden, on the other hand, leads Bush by 1 point.