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Why Isn’t Hillary Clinton Using Her Brooklyn Headquarters?

With Hillary, there is always the self-serving but false meme, and the reality. Here’s another case.

With great fanfare, Hillary set her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. It was all about the symbolism. To many Americans, Brooklyn still represents a gritty, working class vibe. Rich snobs are in Manhattan; good, working class folks are in Brooklyn. For the younger voters Hillary craves, Brooklyn is seen as a hip place, with artists in lofts and tons of urban explorers about.

And indeed the Clinton machine can’t stop pushing those buttons.

After Clinton’s first (and only visit) to her own HQ, the campaign posted a video titled “Hello, Brooklyn,” which began with the question, “So, how do Brooklyn residents feel about their new neighbor?” In the video, a taxi driver, small-business owners and excited residents stop to greet the former secretary of state as she walks around Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn, U.S.A,” Clinton says, between posing for selfies with supporters. “How can you beat that?”

“Greetings from Brooklyn, USA!” Clinton’s official Twitter account tweeted last month, with a picture of her standing with a supporter. In the photo, she is holding up a license plate that reads “BKLYN USA.”

The whole thing fit tight with Hillary’s working class hero theme.

Except it wasn’t true. Yea, the proles still work in the Brooklyn office, but, officially and publically, Hillary has only visited there once. Instead, she works out of a very expensive office suite in Midtown Manhattan, alongside her fellow 1% people.

Clinton signed a two-year lease on the Manhattan suite of seven offices on the 27th floor of Tower 45, a recently renovated office building on West 45th Street near Times Square. The building has an outdoor plaza and lobby featuring “magnificent large-scale hanging lit sculptures,” according to the developer.

At the time she signed the lease, a spokesman said Clinton was setting up a personal office. However, the space is now occupied by Clinton’s campaign; 10 to 15 campaign staffers and interns work there regularly, and meetings take place there. Senior staffers also use the office to work in Manhattan between appointments around town. Because of that, the campaign is now footing the bill for the rent, a campaign official confirmed.

Woman of the people? Sure, sure, as long as those people can afford the rent…