Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Never Mind Hillary, Are You Ready for Chelsea?

Whatever else you say (and there is a lot to say) about the Clinton’s, they do plan ahead. Bill says he wanted to be president since a boyhood meeting with JFK, and Hillary has been running for president since the 1970s, delayed only by Bill’s White House residency, Bill’s multiple affairs and impeachment, some time wasted as a Senator, a crushing defeat by Obama in 2008 and four years in purgatory as Secretary of State Benghazi.

So it is no surprise that the public grooming of First Daughter Chelsea both as a aspiring humanitarian and a money-grubbing sleaze merchant is already well underway.

As for that aspiring humanitarian bit, Chelsea beat out other candidates to have her name added to the Bill, Hillary and (now) Chelsea Clinton Foundation, plus of course a seat on the board running the vast $2 billion syndicate. Many claim it was Chelsea who a played a key role in the foundation’s now-controversial decision to resume accepting foreign contributions. The role in the foundation assures her a steady media presence as she sort of racks up adult “experience points,” as well as looking like a nice person posing for pictures with African orphans. It’s called media positioning.

And she’s just a nice person! In the ELLE magazine interview she gave, coincidentally just as Mother Clinton was announcing her candidacy, Chelsea talked about her loving husband and her seven-month-old daughter, whom she called (seriously) “the most remarkable little bubbly, perfect, chunky monkey creature ever.” Who can’t love her for that?

On the sleaze side, Chelsea is no slouch.

Chelsea has a hedge fund manager hubby, and lives in $9.25-million condo in New York she no doubt bought with the allowance money she saved up. Mommy and Daddy’s extremely wealthy friends and associates are clients of Chelsea’s husband, just ’cause he’s soooooo good at his job, no doubt.

Chelsea has landed jobs and corporate board positions with companies run by her parents’ rich supporters, some of whom also have been tapped as investors by a hedge fund started by her husband Marc Mezvinsky. At the Clinton foundation, sources say, an investment firm got the inside track for a coveted contract to manage a $250 million endowment because the firm was run partly by one of Chelsea’s best friends, Nicole Davison Fox, the matron of honor at her lavish 2010 wedding, who happens to be married to one of Mezvinsky’s hedge fund partners.

So, friends, remember this: 2016 is just a beginning. Most of us won’t live long enough to see the end of the Clinton’s in politics.