Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Wink, Wink: Hillary Shocked by Bank Conduct, Takes Money from Same Banks

What’s that old line about “what they say, not what they do?” That our Hillary!

In the clip above, Hillary fires off some heavy artillery toward international thug bank HSBC:

Stories of misconduct by individuals and institutions in the financial industry are shocking. HSBC allowing drug cartels to launder money, five major banks pleading guilty to felony charges for conspiring to manipulate currency exchange and interest rates? There can be no justification or tolerance for this kind of criminal behavior.

Nasty folks out there at HSBC, helping drug lords who are tearing into America launder their profits. Who’d want folks like that in their house? Yep, Hillary would. In 2014, two years after HSBC admitted to major violations of U.S. law, the firm was the top sponsor at a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) event, paying at least $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Earlier, in 2011, HSBC paid former president Bill Clinton $200,000 for a speech.

And not just HSBC. Nine other banks have paid speaking fees to the Clintons personally of almost $4 million. Plus another $5.025 million that these banks have poured into the Clinton Foundation otherwise.

For example, in 2010, the British banking firm Barclays entered into a settlement agreement with the Justice Department, and admitted to violating U.S. sanctions by making transactions for customers in countries such as Libya, Sudan and Myanmar. Weeks later, Barclays was a sponsor at the annual CGI event. Barclays has remained a CGI sponsor in the years since, even after the bank paid more fines under a new agreement with the Justice Department for manipulating worldwide interest rates. Barclays has paid the Clinton family $650,000 for speeches since 2009. The firm has given at least $1.5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Still, voters seem captivated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises to fight for the little people and to push back against Wall Street and other big money interests that have created the economic inequality she keeps bleating is one of the most serious problems facing our nation (on that, at least, we can all agree.)

People dumb enough to believe Clinton’s statements in light of her accepting the bank money deserve a candidate as dumb as they are. The problem is, the rest of us have to live with it all too.