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‘No Ceiling’ to the Clinton Foundation’s Public Good

Here’s an example of how the Clinton machine shovels out its propaganda.

You start with a project in India that certainly, on its face, seems like a good thing: The Deshpande Foundation School Lunch Program (Jaipur Kitchen), which the Foundation says was set up and still runs with the support of a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment. In India extreme poverty is self-perpetuating. Kids are needed to work for their families, and so families can’t afford to let their children stay in school beyond the fifth grade. Jaipur Kitchen is a seven million dollar program providing free midday meals to schoolchildren, thereby increasing and prolonging school attendance.

A Google or two on the program shows nothing except articles by the Clinton Foundation praising itself on the good work it does with the Deshpande Foundation School Lunch Program. OK, maybe they are just modest folks over there, but it is a tad odd that no stand-alone reporting seems to have been done.

We learn that the program feeds 106,000 students a day, which is great. But if you divide that by $7 million, it runs out to $66 a meal. A vast number of people in India survive on less than $1.25 a day, so something is amiss here. It is unclear, however, because CGI does not tell us, exactly what the millions really do pay for.

One thing they do pay for is propaganda, as no good deed in Clinton land goes unpimped.

As part of their commitment to, well, self-promotion, the Foundation sent 24 people on a nine day “whistle-stop tour” of Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Australia. As part of that neat trip, the gang stopped by to serve lunch one day to the poor folks in India. One participant, Trudie Styler, went on to write a breathless recap on Clinton party organ Huffington Post.

Trudie said “The Clinton Foundation sets us all an example of how to serve the public good practically and effectively. The Clintons very clearly see themselves as public servants, and as such they simply do the work that needs to be done.” She said there is “no ceiling” to the Clinton Foundation’s public good. She is dismayed “at the ill-informed, political attacks on the Foundation by those who clearly do not know their mission or understand the life-changing work they do.”

Now, where do we know this humanitarian Trudie person from?

Oh, right, she’s a woman-of-the-people married to multi-billionaire rock star Sting. Among her other accomplishments, Trudie (and Sting) were forced to pay record damages for unfair dismissal after a tribunal found them guilty of breaking employment law for firing their private chef when she became pregnant. According to evidence presented in court, Styler’s chef had been made to work 14-hour days while heavily pregnant. On one occasion, when she was seven months pregnant, she had to take a train and taxi from the Lake House estate near Salisbury to London, costing $300 in travel and $450 overtime, to prepare soup and salad for Trudie.

Beautiful people. Namaste!