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‘Where you been, Hillary?’ Clinton Bashed During Ferguson Visit

What’s that word, you know, the one that means taking advantage of someone else’s tragedy for your own personal gain? Well, whatever word we used to use for that, there’s a new one: Hillary.

Noticing that the murder of African-Americans was still trending on social media, and recalling that African-Americans also are allowed to vote in many states, the Clinton campaign turned the cynicism meter up to 11 and plunked her royal butt on a private jet. Off to Ferguson, Missouri!

Ferguson is a symbol of our devolution in America into some horrid, racially divided scab of a nation. It was there Michael Brown was murdered by a cop last August, one of a wave of slayings, protests and ­riots in around the nation.

As Hillary swept into Ferguson Tuesday night to deliver a speech on race relations, a friend of slain teen Michael Brown blasted her arrival as too little, too late.

“Where you been, Hillary?” Brown pal Robert Nettles said. “It’s been 10 months, girl!”

Another commenter said “Hillary Clinton just said ‘All Lives Matter.’ Girl BYE. If you can’t just say Black Lives Matter, then keep us out of your mouth altogether.”

Many saw Hillary’s attempt to enlarge the tragedy to include “all lives” as disrespectful to the African-Americans who actually did die at the hands of a white racist.

Fully immune from sarcasm, Clinton was undeterred. Despite ignoring America’s bigotry until it seemed now like a campaign opportunity, she bleated out her usual non-words to the world:

“I know it’s tempting to dismiss a tragedy like this as an isolated incident, to believe that in today’s America, bigotry is largely behind us, that institutionalized racism no longer exists. But despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, America’s long struggle with race is far from finished. We can’t hide from hard truths about race and justice. We have to name them, own them and change them.”

So finally a ultra-rich white person educated in Ivy League schools who has lived a life of privilege has arrived to take charge. Problem sorted!