Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Passionately Says Nothing About Charleston, then Fundraises There

Never forget that your candidate, Hillary Clinton, will passionately say nothing when it comes to the issues of the day. But she will say nothing with conviction.

Regarding the terrible mass murder this week in Charleston, which again highlighted the horrors of our racial divide in America as well as our deadly gun culture, Hillary spoke out. She said:

“It’s tempting to dismiss a tragedy like this as an isolated incident, to believe that in today’s America bigotry is largely behind us, that institutionalized racism no longer exists.”

Ya think? What a forward-leaning statement. Clinton alone has uncovered the fact that bigotry and racism still exist in America. And is there anyone on planet earth who is dismissing the tragedy in Charleston as an isolated incident? Wow.

“Despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, America’s long struggle with race is far from finished.”

She also seems to suss out, where others have failed, the reality that struggles with race in America, often violent and horrible struggles promoted both by lone nutcases and by our own law enforcement officials, still exist. Double wow. She somewhat oddly feels America has made its “best effort” to fix all this, jeez, it has only been 150 years since slavery ended, so maybe give it a little more time? Of course that the state of South Carolina continues to fly the Confederate flag, a symbol of a war of rebellion against the legitimate government of the United States to further the cause of slavery, has nothing to do with this. Nope.

Clinton called for a “common sense” approach to gun laws, pledging to take swift action if elected.

Great news. She’s gonna fix it. She did not, however, make clear how she would navigate the divide in Congress that has undercut Obama’s own minimal efforts to pass gun laws. She offered no specifics whatsoever.

BEST YET: Clinton attended a fundraiser Wednesday in Charleston just blocks from where the shooting took place later that night. She no doubt met with the poorest residents of Charleston, and the most important community activists working for social justice in the community. Hah hah, of course not. Suckers.