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Sexual Harassment Complaints at State Department Soared under Clinton

There seems (again!) to be a gap between what Hillary claims she did and what happened on her watch. Today’s example is sexual harassment.

Clinton is campaigning of course on both her support for women and LGBTQ people, and on her record as secretary of state. So it may not be a good thing for her that we learn from a the State Department Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) report released Thursday that worker harassment complaints nearly tripled inside the department during the tenures of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

“A significant increase in reported harassment inquiries in the Department of State over the past few fiscal years supports the need for mandatory harassment training,” the department’s inspector general warned in an oversight report that reviewed the agency’s Office of Civil Rights.

The report states that formal harassment claims rose from 88 cases in 2011, during Clinton’s third year as America’s top diplomat, to 248 in 2014, Kerry’s second year as secretary. Hundreds more informal complaints were lodged during the same period. Last year, 43 percent of the new complaints alleged harassment or unfair hirings or promotions, while 38 percent raised sex discrimination or reprisals, the report said.

Thursday’s report also appeared to chide current Kerry and for failing to order department managers to require that all employees receive both initial and regularly updated training on such issues. “Mandatory training for department employees would strengthen this message [anti-harassment] and ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and rights,” the report states.

Its revelations, along with the explicit recommendation that the Office of Civil Rights “should mandate periodic harassment training for all department employees,” triggered a meh reaction from officials on Thursday.

State Department spokesman John Kirby declined to comment on whether anyone at the department intends to take action toward creating a mandatory harassment training program. “I’m not going to get ahead of decisions that the secretary will or won’t make about the recommendations,” he said.

Kirby acknowledged that the Pentagon, where he previously served as a senior spokesman, already has a mandatory harassment training program in place.

Now here’s the part that will form the basis of Hillary’s spin: While the increase in claims is dramatic, some officials maintained that it may actually be attributed to growing knowledge and awareness among employees about sexual harassment issues and the procedures for reporting it.