Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Bill Plays the Dutiful Hubby Card

Bill is like a kid at the pool this summer with a hard-on, who has given up trying to hide it. He smells the White House, even if this round will be as Hillary’s husband. Bill will be back in the Oval Office. He wants that as bad as Hils does.

So he’s trying to help by showing how he’ll stay out of trouble and all if only you’ll elect Hillary.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV at the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) Denver meeting, Clinton said he’d stop giving paid speeches should Hillary Clinton return to the White House. He added that it would be his wife’s call on whether he stayed at CGI.

“She will have to decide what is my highest and best use, including being around to buck her up in the morning,” he said.

Clinton acknowledged that some of the $2 billion in donations the foundation has received may seem questionable when viewed through a political lens. But he said they were accepted with the best intentions. “Has anyone proved we’ve done anything objectionable with this money?” he asked. “No.”

(NOTE: The Clinton standard is and always has been “Has anyone proved it?” If not, they’ve gotten away with it. Ethics? Meh. It’s full-on criminality or nothing.)

In an separate interview with CNN to be broadcast Sunday, Clinton acknowledged “you never know of what people’s motives are” for donations but said he’s seen no efforts to win favors.

He added that the foundation has a “strict” non-corruption policy.

So that’s settled!