Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Washington Post Prints Straight-Up Clinton Propaganda Piece

The Washington Post showed no shame whatsoever in running an article purportedly showing how thrifty the Clinton campaign is, Hillary being now the Queen of the Middle Class and all.

The entire article was about how John Podesta, enforcer to two presidents and now the chair of Hillary’s presidential campaign, took the bus from New York to DC for a recent business trip. The Post even sent a photographer all the way to New York (and it is unlikely she traveled by bus) just to get a shot of Podesta waiting in line to board. FYI: the bus trip runs about $30, Amtrak costs $90 and the plane a bit more than that.

Taking the cheaper bus has become something of a merit badge for Clinton staffers, we learn. There is even a hand-lettered honor roll on the wall at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters, pictured, listing those who bypassed the train or plane rides typical of business travel.

Meanwhile, the rest of the galaxy outside the Post understands this is all bullsh*t of the ripest kind.

The Clinton campaign courts big donors, with exclusive events where the price of entry is $1000 (that’s 33 bus tickets!), and expects to spend some $2 billion between now and Hillary’s assumed election. The Clinton’s personally earned over $30 million in speech fees in the last year and half. We won’t even start to tally up the billions pulled in via the Clinton Foundation.

We all hope Podesta had a nice bus ride to Washington. I’ve taken that bus myself, and it is pleasant enough. You pass through some nice countryside in Delaware and if traffic isn’t too bad and the WiFi is working, the time passes quickly enough. But Washington Post, cut the crap. Everybody can spot your puffy propaganda piece a mile away, even from a moving bus window.