Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Anyone But Hillary But Also Hillary

Columnist Frank Bruni, writing in the New York Times, hits the nail on the head over Democratic support for Hillary: we can’t stand her, worry about her ethical slovenliness and know her presidency will be four (or eight) years of scandals and sleaze, but the only other choice is some nutcase… Republican. So whatta you gonna do? Hold your nose and vote Hillary!

Bruni writes:

I’ve been running into people even more put off by the Clintons than the nefarious operatives in the “vast right wing conspiracy” ever were. They’re called Democrats. I had breakfast with one last week. I’d quote him directly, but The Times doesn’t permit profanity. He’s furious at Hillary and Bill, because they’ve once again created all these ugly, obvious messes that they could and should have avoided. He’s disgusted, because he has come to believe that they’re tainted.

He’s also resolute: He’s voting — even rooting — for Hillary. Party loyalty motivates him. On top of which, he’s worried about the Supreme Court and how a Republican president might pack it. And he keeps hearing the voices of little girls in his life who have asked him whether a woman can be president of the United States in reality, not just on some TV show. He wants them to see: Yes, she can.

So here he stands, or rather squirms, exhilarated by what Hillary embodies and repelled by what she represents, wanting to see her take the oath and wanting never to lay eyes on her and Bill again, determined that they reclaim the White House and despairing of the muddy road there and the certain muck beyond. He’s a riot of warring emotions, a paradox with a pulse.

The Clintons will do that to a person. Or to a country.

That pretty much covers it. Even Clinton’s solid supporters see this all as at best a lesser of two evils choice, more likely as a slow motion car wreck that everyone sees coming, everyone wants to avoid, but which everyone will do nothing about and just watch it happen.

Car crashes? A Clinton presidency? So whatta you gonna do?

Hold your nose and vote Hillary!