Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Want to ‘Have a Conversation with Hillary’? Price Starts at $1000

All candidates spend (most of their) time raising money, which means pandering to the wealthy. But only Hillary can take it to the next level of hypocrisy, claiming to be running a grassroots campaign, talkin’ to ordinary folks about those bad boys on Wall Street and the need to revive the Middle Class, all the while charging a minimum of $1000 to chat with her about all that.

The Intercept shared an invitation from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, asking the receiver to join the candidate for a series of events in Massachusetts. To take part in a “Conversation with Hillary” at a private home (i.e., no media) in swanky Chestnut three days before the Clinton campaign’s official re-launch in New York, attendees are asked to pay $2,700 per person. For only a “Conversation with Hillary” earlier that day in Boston, a “Friend” of the campaign can attend for as little as $1,000.

The private events are described in the invitation as part of Clinton’s “grassroots campaign.”

But don’t worry, Hillary is still sticking to her real roots: The Clinton campaign website lists other upcoming fundraisers, including one on June 17th with McGuireWoods, a lobbying firm that represents ExxonMobil, the Washington Redskins, and America’s Natural Gas Alliance, a trade group for fracking companies.

That event is actually run by a political action committee, Hillary for America. You only learn the actual location after you donate, a neat way to deflect protestors and those nasty media types.

And to complete the circle, Hillary has bleated that she is opposed to the influence of big money in politics.