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Clinton Foundation Takes $500k from School Charity

In a tsunami of sleaze, the Clinton Foundation rises above the waves to claim the number one spot for grabbing cash.

We begin with Petra Nemcova, pictured, a Czech super model who survived the 2004 Asian Tsunami by clinging to a palm tree. To promote herself and in fact to do a little good in the world, she founded a school-building charity, the Happy Hearts Fund. The Fund has built over 110 schools worldwide.

Here’s the deep dive. She wanted Famed Humanitarian Bill Clinton (TM) to appear at her annual celebrity fundraiser. After all, the Clinton Foundation is all about schools, and so this is the kind of event you’d expect Bill to throw his support behind. Since it’s all for charity, would taxi fare be enough to get Bill to drop by?

No way.

Clinton demanded, and got (we told you, there’s plenty of sleaze to go around, but Petra Nemcova, a Czech super model, isn’t running for co-president of the United States) Billy to show up, in return for $500,000.

Happy Hearts’ former executive director believes the transaction was a “quid pro quo,” which rerouted donations intended for a small charity with the concrete mission of rebuilding schools after natural disasters to a large foundation with a broader agenda and a budget 100 times bigger.

“The Clinton Foundation had rejected the Happy Hearts Fund invitation more than once, until there was a thinly veiled solicitation and then the offer of an honorarium,” said the former executive director, Sue Veres Royal, who held that position at the time of the gala. Press officers for Ms. Nemcova and for the Clinton Foundation said on Thursday that the foundation had not solicited the donation and that the money would be used for projects in Haiti, as yet undetermined.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. “As yet undetermined” The cash changed hands a year ago, so I guess they’re still thinking on it.

“This is primarily a small but telling example of the way the Clintons operate,” said Doug White, who directs the master’s program in fund-raising management at Columbia University. “The model has responsibility; she paid a high price for a feel-good moment with Bill Clinton. But he was riding the back of this small charity for what? A half-million bucks? I find it — what would be the word? — distasteful.”