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Hillary Pandering Lesson #23: Change Your Accent

Hillary is nothing if not a panderer, saying something between nothing and whatever it is people want to hear, things like “Blah blah I’m rich but we ‘ve got to save the middle class, yada yada.”

That’s bad enough. But does Hillary have to extend her pandering to actually using hokey accents, based on where she is speaking and to whom she is speaking? Yes. Apparently, yes.

Let’s listen in. Here’s Hillary speakin’ to da’ black peoples:

Now here she a ways’ down south:

And here is Mommie Dearest in New York City:

Now, keep in mind Clinton called herself multilingual, because she’s spent “so much time in the South, the East Coast, and the Midwest.” But the different accents don’t seem to appear randomly; they seem to come out based on where Clinton is, what role she has, or what office she’s running for.

Now of course “pandering” isn’t the only theory about how and why Hillary’s accent seems to morph. One popular idea is that there are multiple Hillary’s, robots or rogue programs, unleashed across America simultaneously. The other is that the Lizard People who actually took control of Clinton’s mind in 1984 implanted some sort of primitive GPS in her skull, never anticipating the rise of the Internet and the near-simultaneous presence of video from everywhere.

We’ll keep an ear out for any new theories that emerge…