Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

The One Candidate Hillary Fears

Though most in the Democratic camp, and especially within Planet Hillary, believe her coronation in 2016 is all but assured, one potential Republican challenger scares them: Marco Rubio.

A recent New York Times article captures the incipient sense of anxiety tugging at some Democrats with the phrase “Marco Rubio scares me.” Even Bill is said to worry Rubio could become the Republican nominee, or Vice Presidential nominee, and whittle away at Hillary’s support from Hispanics. He would also jeopardize her chances of carrying Florida’s vital 29 electoral votes.

It is not small worry. A Hillary-Jeb Bush battle would be easy pickings for the Democrats; they’d have their choice of George W. horrors to invoke, constantly forcing Jeb into what clearly is his unhappy place, trying to stay loyal to Clan Bush while inching away from his idiot brother. Jeb is the Old White Man, while Hillary is the First Woman President. Voters, she’ll say, do you want to make history, or get stuck behind in it?

Rubio, on the other hand, is young and vibrant, just like the last young, non-white candidate to kick Hillary’s ass back in 2008. Clinton will be 69, and still white, by election time. Florida, with its growing Hispanic population, is a critical state for both parties and as one of its Senators, Rubio holds a big advantage.

Marco Rubio is a powerful speaker, and his immigrant story resonates with large numbers of Americans in and outside the Hispanic community. Holding him back will be the same old antiquated views on social issues, particularly immigration, that will plague any Republican candidate. The Rubio camp would do well to take a hard look at those, and think hard on places to break with the more conservative Republican positions if it truly wants to challenge Hillary next year.