Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Axelrod: “Terrible Mistake” For Hillary Clinton Not To Take Questions From Media

Is Hillary making a terrible strategic mistake by hiding from the press? Or is Hillary simply raising her middle finger and saying in effect “All I have to do is wait to be elected, and all you in the press are supposed to do is sit back and watch.”

Despite the latter likely being the case, former Obama advisor David Alexrod thinks it might be the former.

Hillary Clinton has taken seven questions from the press in the 40-plus days she announced her presidential run, and although she’s hitting Iowa Monday and Tuesday, word is dribbling out that she likely won’t face the media.

David Axelrod on the Sunday talk shows said “it would be a terrible mistake” for Hillary to continue to duck reporters.

Asked why Hillary isn’t talking, Axelrod defended her. “Part of that is because a lot of the questions were about the Clinton Foundation,” he said. “And they made a decision to let Bill handle those. But look, I think she has to get out there, she has to answer questions. She has to do it routinely so it’s not a major news event when she takes a few questions from the news media.”

Axelrod said it’s still early and Hillary is pacing herself. But he added “She has to start getting into the rhythm of a campaign where she’s out there, she’s answering questions, she making speeches. It would be a terrible mistake to not do that.”

Hmmm. Yes, of course, a terrible thing…