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The ‘Clinton Cash’ List of Bill Clinton’s Foreign-Financed Speeches

Peter Schweizer, in his book Clinton Cash, says “The really troubling thing about Bill’s speeches is the apparent correlation between his fees and Hillary’s decisions during her tenure as secretary of state.”

Let’s look at just a few examples.

TD Bank and the Keystone XL Pipeline

TD Bank, a Canadian company, is the single-biggest shareholder in the pipeline, and the single-biggest source of speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

“TD Bank paid Bill $1.8 million for ten speeches over a roughly two-and-a-half year period from late 2008 to mid-2011,” Schweizer writes. The construction of the pipeline, of course, required a permit from the State Department. After leaving the White House, Bill Clinton gave 13 speeches for which he was paid $500,000 or more; eleven of them took place while Hillary was in charge of the State Department.

Maybe just a coincidence (!) but in August 2011 the State Department released a final environmental impact statement that was seen as largely supportive of the pipeline. Bill endorsed its construction in 2012, and Hillary “touted the project on the grounds of ‘energy security.’” Unfortunately for TD Bank, they paid off the wrong people: Obama has refused to approve the pipeline.


Ericsson is a massive Swedish telecom company that, among other things, was providing telecom services to the Iranian government at a time when the State Department was cracking down on such deals. “Ericsson decided to sponsor a speech by Bill Clinton and paid him more than he had ever been paid for a single speech: $750,000,” Schweizer writes. “According to Clinton financial disclosures, in the previous ten years Ericsson had never sponsored a Clinton speech. But now it apparently thought would be a good time to do so.” Clinton gave the speech on November 12, 2011. “One week later, on November 19, the State Department unveiled its new sanctions list for Iran,” the book continues. “Telecom was not on the list.” Even when Obama imposed sanctions on telecom sales by executive order in 2012, “ those sanctions did not cover Ericsson’s work in Iran.”

United Arab Emirates

Obama’s rapprochement with Iran may also have paid dividends for the Clintons. Just as the United Arab Emirates’ royal family started to worry that the U.S. and Iran would cut a deal that would endanger the tiny country, Bill Clinton received $500,000 from the Emirati government to give a speech in Abu Dhabi. “What is striking about the speech is not what Clinton said but the timing of the payment,” Schweizer writes. “Even as Bill was being introduced to the audience by the crown prince of the UAE, the prince’s brother, also the foreign minister, was en route to Washington for meetings with Hillary.” Small world!

Pivot to Asia

Did the Clintons also benefit from the so-called pivot to Asia in Obama’s first term? At this critical time for U.S.-China relations, Bill Clinton gave a number of speeches that were underwritten by the Chinese government and its supporters. One speech alone netted him $550,000. Prior to Hillary’s appointment as secretary of state, Bill had given only two speeches on the Chinese mainland, for a total of $450,000.

To be continued… and continued… and continued…