Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

‘First Lady Bill Clinton’ Dresses in Drag, Lobbies for Hillary

With friends like these…

There are some things than can’t be unseen. And “Bill Clinton” in drag is definitely one of them.

But it’s definitely one way to get some attention. The video below is brought to you by the BillForFirstLady2016.com PAC, proving you can create a PAC for anything. They raised all of $35k, likely Hillary’s budget for bottled water for a week, but clearly someone’s heart is in this.

The site, which sells a number of “Bill for First Lady” items, also features a video of a man — a fairly hairy man — either in a red dress, or even worse, the above bikini. It is very, very unclear if the American flag is a good or bad touch.

“First Lady Bill Clinton” is seen traveling coast to coast, and has the obligatory Bill Clinton impression from the narrator. There’s “Bill” in New York, in Washington DC and of course rocking that bikini on some beach.

As the narrator says, quoting we hope a fictional Bill “They always say it: ‘Hillary wore the pants.’ Now, I’m wearing the dress.”

Really though, Bill just wants to go home. “Put Hillary in the White House… I’m, like, totes homesick!!” he says.