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Bill Clinton: I Have to Keep Making Speeches to ‘Pay our Bills’

Life’s tough. Gas prices are up, everything seems to cost more, and some folks just can’t pay the bills at the end of the month. Sound familiar?

Well, according to Bill Clinton, who is seeking the role of First Gentleman in 2016, that is exactly why he needs to keep giving highly-paid speeches in any sleazy locale that can afford him. To pay the bills.

Clinton said in an interview Monday with NBC News he will keep giving lucrative speeches “to pay our bills” while Hillary runs for the White House. He insisted he would maintain a busy beaver schedule of speaking events, at the high end, worth $500,000 a piece, despite amassing a fortune in the 14 years since leaving the White House.

The Clinton’s personal net worth is over $34 million. Some estimates put it as high as $50 million.

clinton money

“Oh, yeah. I’ve got to pay our bills,” Clinton said when asked if he would carry on with paid speaking engagements. Clinton said he gives 10 percent of his revenue each year to the Clinton Foundation, and that Hillary “gave 17 percent” in the years she was with it.

Bill also sought to put to rest concerns foreign donors tried to buy influence with him or Hillary.

“I asked Hillary about this,” Clinton told NBC during a charity trip to Africa.

“She said ‘no one’s ever tried to influence me by helping you. No one has even suggested they have a shred of evidence to that effect.'”

So, that’s all taken care of. Rest easy, America!