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Democratic Debates: Who Will Be Hillary’s Foil?

Anyone remember the Harlem Globetrotters? They were a fake basketball team that toured doing trick shots and amazing moves. They always played against another fake team, dubbed the “Washington Generals.” For every smooth move by the Globetrotters, the Generals stumbled and bumbled around the court like geriatric dinosaurs. No worries; the whole point of even having the Generals out there was to be foils for the Globetrotters, to make them look good.

The Democratic National Party is now in search of its own “Generals,” to stand on stage with Hillary at the six scheduled Democratic primary debates and make her look good. Who’ll play?

The Democratic National Committee approved the schedule of six debates just for Clinton, who is currently trying to coast to her party’s nomination while pretending to break a sweat. As the Washington Post put it, “Clinton badly needs to avoid the appearance of a coronation, and a bunch of debates is a very good way to do that.”

Given all that is Hillary, the debates will be the only time that her challengers will be on equal footing with her. Spending six evenings sparing with Clinton on stage will provide the type of attention that her rivals can’t buy. But the real question is who exactly will end up on stage with Clinton; Clinton can’t be up there alone.

In RealClearPolitics’ latest national poll, the only other Democrat who makes it to double digits is Elizabeth Warren (12.7 percent), who says she is not running. Uncle Joe Biden sits in third place (9.8 percent), but is unlikely to run either.

The left overs are Bernie Sanders (5.6 percent), Martin O’Malley (1.6 percent), Jim Webb (1.4 percent) and Lincoln Chafee (0.3 percent). Yawn.

The point of the debates is to grow interest in Hillary, and score some free airtime in a “presidential setting.” But to do that, Hillary needs someone to debate. Maybe the Washington Generals will be in town those nights.