Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Analysis: Hillary Untouched by Her Own Actions

A new poll shows little evidence that the scandals and sleaze surrounding the email server and Foundation shenanigans have affected the Clinton campaign. Why?

The Poll

In a New York Times/CBS News poll, a plurality of Americans – 44 percent – said they didn’t “know enough” to answer questions about whether the Clinton Foundation’s focus is mostly charitable, mostly political or both. That included 45 percent of self-described independents. Meanwhile, the poll also shows Clinton’s favorability has improved and that Democrats do not appear troubled by the email and foundation issues.

On the question of whether foreign donations affected Clinton’s decisions while she was secretary of state, 55 percent said they didn’t know enough to answer. Among them were 61 percent of independents.

The New York Times says the numbers could mean that voters aren’t engaged at this early stage of the campaign. Or it could mean they’re aware of the stories about the foundation but are tuning them out.


Assuming those results are a fully accurate version of voters’ feelings, and assuming no future bombshells emerge, this is all very good news for the Clinton campaign.

The campaign has been successful/gotten away with hiding their candidate from the media; she made one short address, already fact-checked to be full of holes, early on about her private email server, and has said nothing more since. Clinton held a series of fully-managed events on her Scooby van tour, and faced no questions about her finances or email from a compliant media along the way.

Democratic strategists have managed to convince the public and much of the media that absent actual, prosecutable, criminal actions by Clinton, none of these things mean anything, a fairly amazing accomplishment given the vast appearances of impropriety and near-daily examples of Hillary’s untrustworthiness. Criticism from anyone is quickly swept away as partisan politics, old news, revenge or simply “right wing attacks.” Likely Clinton voters seem to be buying it all.

Clinton’s aura of invincibility seems to have some legs.

(C) Peter Van Buren, 2015