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For-Profit ‘University’ Paid Bill While Hillary Steered State Dept to Its Affiliate

Peter Schweizer’s new book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for those looking for evidence of that Bill, and Hill, are little more than money-making machines disguised as political candidates.

One of the latest revelations is that Bill Clinton collected large speaking fees as the “honorary chairman” of a for-profit university, then suddenly ended his relationship after Hillary attacked for-profit colleges (Laureate insisted that Bill Clinton left only because his five-year deal ended.) The suddenly populist Hillary said on April 14 the for-profits were ripping off students, and that it was important to look at “some of the for-profit schools, some of the scandals that have arisen in these places where they take all the money and put all these young people and their families into debt.”

Meanwhile, backin the day, as Billy Boy played pitchman for for-profit Laureate University, the State Department slipped a $1.9 million grant to its nonprofit arm. In 2012, that arm, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) received that first grant directly from State, for work on a Middle East initiative.

“Shortly after Bill become honorary chancellor in April 2010, Hillary made Laureate part of her State Department Global Partnership,” the book says. Laureate and its not-for-profit ­affiliate, the International Youth Foundation, are headed by Doug Becker, and the school donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

The parties never disclosed how much Bill was paid for speeches around the globe promoting the institutions. But Schweizer estimated that Bill made at least $1 million based on his usual fees.

“This is yet another false allegation in a book that is fast being discredited,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon.