Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

More Bad Press For Hillary; Foundation Now Called Slush Fund

Here we go again with more bad news out for the wonderful Hillary. It doesn’t matter how the Clintons try and spin things, even having little Chelsea try and defend the actions taken by her parents. There are still so many questions over what exactly happened with their family foundation. Were favors given to those governments and businesses that had dealings with the State Department?

According to the author of the forthcoming book, Clinton Cash, there are a number of coincidences. If, like me, you don’t particularly believe in such chances, then you should find this video interesting:

But there is more:

“Bill Clinton gave 11 speeches during his wife’s tenure as secretary of state, each connected to companies that had business pending before the State Department, according to the author of a new book on the Clinton Foundation, who notes that the business was concluded in their favor following donations to the former President’s nonprofit…

Schwiezer stopped short of alleging a strict quid pro quo, but he pointed to an extensive pattern of foreign companies donating to the Clinton Foundation when they have business interests pending at the State Department.”

Also, Hillary made a number of conscious decisions about what she would do. This included conducting national business over her own private email server. This alone is a big national security violation and could have potentially led to a lot of secret information falling into the wrong hands. Then, she decided to wipe out that server and destroy tens of thousands of emails. She even ignored a Congressional inquiry in 2012.

Hillary likely gave considerable thought to these actions. She must have decided that erasing these emails was preferable to having them be released and exposed to public scrutiny. What exactly would these messages show? Hard to say and we will likely never know.

There are more questions floating around about the Foundation. For example, exactly how did they spend their money? In 2013, only 10 percent of expenditures were for direct charitable grants (which is the stated purpose of the foundation). Between 2011 and 2013, they spent only 9.9 percent of the $252 million collected on charitable grants. Most expenditures were broadly lumped into the category of ‘other expenses.’

This could mean just about anything. This is also the main reason that people are beginning to call the Clinton Foundation a slush fund for the private use of Bill and Hillary (and maybe Chelsea also).

Unfortunately, as the Democrats really don’t have a viable alternative yet they are likely to either stay quiet about all this…or circle the wagons and counterattack. We need to hold Hillary accountable for all of this and demand answers. No question right now that she cannot be trusted to do the right thing and remove herself from consideration of the 2016 nomination. What do YOU think?