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Aw Shucks: Clinton Foundation Finally Admits Problems With Donor Disclosures

Well, now the wonderful Clinton Foundation has finally come out and said what everyone already knew: that they have made some mistakes. However, these mistakes were primarily in the area of donor disclosure. They did not admit anything in terms of corruption or Hillary actually selling out the foreign policy of the country while she was Secretary of State.

Oh well, this is pretty much what you might expect from Hillary and Bill Clinton. Isn’t it just so interesting that none of these ‘missteps’ or mistakes came out before Hillary announced her candidacy? But, at least there is some added scrutiny being delivered to her slush fund foundation.

The acting chief of this global foundation with millions of dollars has tried to defend things and reaffirmed their commitment to transparency. Funny. Listen to some of what this chief, Maura Pally, has said:

“Yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don’t happen in the future…This is hardly an effort on our part to avoid transparency…”

Really? There was no mention of exactly what steps are being taken to prevent any of this from happening. Oh, wait, they have reaffirmed a commitment to donor disclosure regarding money taken in from foreign governments as “stronger than ever.” I guess this means the foundation will be looking at taking even more money from foreign governments in the future, and they will continue selling out the US over and over again.

This is just another attempt to avoid any real serious repercussions. Sure, the foundation is going to refile some of their tax forms, maybe pay some added taxes and penalties (which the IRS will graciously make a deal to reduce what the Clintons actually owe), and then move on. Hopefully, the people will continue demanding answers and not allow Hillary to get over this one so easily.

Pally also said the foundation had simply made mistakes with their accounting. They “mistakenly combined” government grants with other types of donations. Of course, the foundation will fix all of this quickly. She also stressed that even though these errors were made, the total revenue was indeed reported accurately…and that grants were broken down on audited statements (on its website) properly.

This, of course, still remains to be seen. All of this screaming about no corruption makes one think there was indeed corruption, at least on some level.

The real question is not so much exactly how did all this cheating take place, but how much Hillary knew and how deeply she was involved on a personal level. It seems, given the reports that have already appeared (and the forthcoming book), she was quite deeply involved and knew exactly what was going on. She conspired to give the Russians a large share of US uranium capacity, which is an incredibly important strategic asset. And she enriched herself in the process.

What other governments has Clinton conspired with to give large political and business favors? Can we ever trust her again? What do YOU think about all of this?