Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Campaign Loudly Declares No Evidence Foreign Money Led To Corruption

What happens to a presidential candidate when they are confronted with evidence that reeks of corruption and selling out in spite of their promises regarding the transparency of their financial dealings? Well, just ask Hillary because that is exactly what happened this week.

I reported the other day how she had sold out the US in exchange for millions of dollars into her Clinton Foundation from the Russian government and Vladimir Putin himself. The whole thing was over Russian businesses (in which Putin has a considerable stake) pushing into the US and international uranium markets, a very strategic area.

Now Clinton is responding to these allegations as any good liberal would. She is crying very loudly how the New York Times, who broke the story, has failed to prove any connection between Hillary herself and those Russian purchases.

Good to know, Hill. We all believe you since you are SO trustworthy and everyone knows you would never, ever lie to the public. And just in case you missed it, those Clintons have also failed to report and pay taxes on tens of millions of dollars in overseas cash that has been donated to their foundation. Much of this has come from foreign governments.

Sure, we can believe these mistakes were simply oversights. This is why they are currently in the process of re-filing five (or more) years of returns. Sad. Very sad.

The Clinton campaign responds to both of these allegations using the same old tactics of claiming it is old news. Why bother about a story that happened years ago. After all, there is much more important business to take care of now, like getting Princess Hillary into the White House. Oh, they also play the attack the messenger game quite well, going after the author of the NY Times piece.

On top of all this, they have the gall to point to their own claims of transparency. There is no smoking gun proof that can connect Bill or Hillary to those State Department favors ordered by Hillary during her time as Secretary. Hopefully, intelligent voters will be able to see through this ruse and start asking hard questions.

At least it is becoming more and more obvious that this Hillary campaign is not going to be boring. Of course, selling out our policies to foreign governments is something that should concern us all. Despite everything Hillary has said and claimed, there are still many bread crumbs leading back to at least the potential of corruption. This is all on top of how she has been using her personal email servers to conduct government business—and then deleted the server and something in the neighborhood of 30,000 emails. Sounds quite similar to what Lois Lerner did at the IRS during that scandal.

Way to go Hillary. We all believe you…not. What do YOU think about all of this?