Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Clinton’s First Challenger: Martin O’Malley Slams Hillary For Flipping On Same-Sex Marriage

Here we go. Just when you might have thought the Democrats would have a very dull and uninteresting primary season, things look to be heating up. Personally, I think a number of those who might be contemplating a presidential bid on the left side of the aisle (with my sincerest apologies to Jeb Bush, the chief RINO in the race at this point) are a bit afraid of the Hillary Clinton campaign machine.

Yes, Hillary is very well organized. Yes, she has a fair amount of experience as a battle-tested campaigner. Especially considering she has seen two national presidential campaigns up close and personal as her husband won election and then re-election.

Although this is the first week since Hillary declared her intentions to run, and there is no official challenger at this point, we have not really been expecting much in the way of jabs or attacks at her. However, Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland Governor, has stepped into the ring. He gave Hillary a nice jab over same sex marriage.

This is an interesting issue, since it is something which O’Malley has been very consistent regarding. As Maryland Governor he has always pushed this issue, and been in favor of gay marriage for a long time. Even the Huffington Post has backed up his claims on this issue.

Now, O’Malley has accused Hillary of flip-flopping on this issue, changing her position because of poll numbers rather than actual principles. Listen to some of what he said:

“I believe marriage is a human right, not a state right…I’m glad she’s come around to that position as well.”

This was in response to Clinton saying this week she would like to see the Supreme Court affirm same sex marriage by making it a constitutional right. The only problem with this statement, as pointed out by the former Maryland Governor, is that she previously hinted in an NPR interview (last year), she would not support such a ruling. Her reasoning back then? She claimed it was a states’ rights issue, according to a Huffington Post report. Her statement was, in part:

“So, for me, marriage had always been a matter left to the states…and in many of the conversations that I and my colleagues and supporters had, I fully endorse the efforts by activists who work state by state, and in fact that is what is working.”

This just goes to show how much like Obama Hillary really is. We all know that he has said one thing and then changed his position…assuming his first statement was not an outright lie. Now Hillary is caught doing the same thing.

No wonder she is having a huge credibility problem now. No wonder a lot of voters, even former supporters, no longer trust Queen Hillary. Poor Hillary. It is certainly going to be interesting to have another Democrat right there calling her on the carpet regarding all of these flip flops and scandals and other problems. I, for one, can’t wait.

What do YOU think?