Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Big Surprise: Hillary Campaign Not Going To Be Exciting

No matter what the media says, the Hillary campaign is not going to be very exciting. No one who follows politics closely has ever accused her of being anything other than systematic and very pragmatic. We can see this by how she has already taken steps to eliminate and lock out the press from her campaign.

When she stops at a Chipotle and orders a burrito, the media swoons. Oh, big news, the Queen is out eating burritos. How wonderful. The sheer fact that this even makes the news is more evidence that the media is trying to make her seem so exciting and down to earth when she really has nothing new to offer anyone.

She is just the same old Hillary.

Listen to this from The New York Times:

“Did you hear the one about the presidential candidate who walks into a Chipolte restaurant in Ohio? She orders a burrito bowl and makes headlines worldwide.

If you did not get the joke, you might not be a student of Hillary Rodham Clinton, perhaps one of the most overly cautious and controlled politicians of the modern era. The punch line: after 25 years in the public eye, Mrs. Clinton has suddenly developed the capacity to surprise.

Cable television has not been able to get enough of Mrs. Clinton this week, treating her pit stops and political events in the Midwest like breaking news that requires hours of after-action analysis. Everyday-American Hillary has felt like a cultural phenomenon at times—not so much as hope and change Barack Obama became in 2007 and 2008, but far more than she ever was during their fight for the Democratic nomination.”

While I disagree over all the buzz, which I think will soon fade…the media is simply doing whatever they can to try and prop her up. The fact is the media knows Hillary has a number of problems with voters. We have seen recently how she is losing support and her advantage over the GOP field. She has lost ground in key states and many more voters than EVER before are now saying they do not trust Hillary.

Perhaps the times, they are a-changing.

It is also interesting to see just HOW cautious Hillary has been. She has yet to take a position on Social Security expansion, which is something a number of Democrats are really interested in seeing. Several of her potential primary challengers have already endorsed this issue as well. As of right now, her campaign and staffers are trying to keep these issues and questions on the back burner. The simple response to any questions on these things is that Hillary “will have a lot to say” about them…yes, at some point.

Just not now. Wait until the campaign gets more of a challenge.

What do YOU think about all this?