Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary’s New Campaign Strategy Based On Sexism, Misogyny, Glass Ceilings

Since Hillary has finally entered the 2016 Presidential race (which surprised absolutely no one), I have been thinking about what it takes to be a good president. I mean a really good one, not just someone who can fill out a suit and give speeches. Here is what I have come up with:

Hillary Fails to Meet Presidential Criteria

They must have a number of personal qualities, some of which can be developed and others that can’t be taught. This includes having a consistent moral code. It would be even better if their beliefs and policies were based on real convictions (the best politicians in this category I have ever seen would be Pat Buchanan and possibly Ron Paul). Strong leadership is another critical category. An understanding of how business, economics, and finance actually works in the real world.

To my way of thinking, Hillary doesn’t have any of these. It is probably also safe to say she doesn’t even love this country. Even several news agencies reported a while back how she is devoid of any real accomplishments during her career, political or otherwise. And being a Senator and Secretary of State does not mean she is a leader. We saw how poorly she handled the Benghazi situation. Hillary has never run a real business, never had to meet payroll, and never really had to struggle to do anything productive. Judging by her, ‘you didn’t build that speech’ (which mirrored Obama’s thoughts, by the way), she has no real idea of economics and business.

Hillary Wants to Avoid Real Issues, Focus on Gender

Judging by how Hillary has launched her campaign, she does not want to talk about anything during her time as Secretary of State. Instead, she is hoping we will all swoon over her and vote because she wants to be the first woman president. She is going to be touting the idea of breaking glass ceilings. Anyone who won’t play ball with this or tries to bring up any REAL issues will be accused of sexism and misogyny.

There are even a number of feminist groups already laying the groundwork for this. They have the nerve to say anyone who calls her Clinton instead of Rodham is really just part of the problem.

But, Hillary might have a problem pursuing such a poorly conceived strategy. Why? Because a new Bloomberg poll indicates the American people are just a bit too smart for this. They asked how much bearing will Hillary being a woman have on their vote. Only 12 percent said they would be more inclined to vote because of her sex. A huge 83 percent of respondents said it doesn’t matter much. Surprisingly, only four percent were less inclined to vote for her because of her gender.

This means Hillary might eventually have to start talking about the issues. We all know that Benghazi is going to plague her campaign, and many people are already losing trust thanks to her misuse of government emails.

All of this is to say that Hillary is clearly beatable. She might not even win her own primary, depending on whether or not we can find a serious challenger. And no, Joe Biden is not a serious challenger. Someone like Martin O’Malley might be. But we will have to see what happens in this regard over the next few months.

Personally, I hope Hillary sticks to her guns on this one. It seems very far-fetched she would be elected under a platform of ‘vote for me, I’m a woman!’ I suppose the whole glass ceiling thing worked for Obama to an extent, but he was also not afraid of discussing and debating the issues. Without doing a combination of both strategies, her campaign will likely be doomed to failure.

What do YOU think?