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Smackdown! Trump Lets Young Reporter Have It

Ouch! A young, liberal reporter probably feels a bit ‘got my feelings hurt bullied’ after she asked Donald Trump a question about immigration.

It started after Trump said immigration was a big topic and is linked to crime.

Katy Tur replied,  according to the Gateway Pundit, “The research says the crime, the crime does not match what you’re saying. They PEW Research, which is independent, said…” prompting Trump to call her naive.

She then tried to continue, “The research says that there are, for, uh… immigrants on a whole create…” before Trump interrupted her again, telling her to “try getting it out.”

Then, after it was clear she was flustered, Trump told ‘poor’ Katy, “I don’t know if you’ll put this on television but you don’t even know what you’re talking about!”

Trump also told a reporter from Telemundo that he was “finished” for pestering him about his comments on immigration. Trump says they are trying to distort his views as he was talking about illegal immigration not immigration as a whole.