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Hillary ‘Thrilled’ To Speak Before Nearly-Empty Arena

By Brian Anderson, June 27, 2015

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been drawing crowds of 5,000 people or more as he campaigns for the democratic presidential nomination. On Friday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech before a nearly empty arena and yet she is considered the front-runner. The big story isn’t that a socialist is outdrawing the presumptive nominee, but rather how fake Hillary’s campaign really is.

Clinton gave a speech at George Manson University’s Patriot Center. The arena holds 10,000 people. By the kindest of estimates, there were 2,000 in attendance. That’s not half-capacity or even a third. She managed to attract a measly fifth-capacity of supporters. And seriously, how many of those in attendance were really supporters? I’d be willing to bet that a good number of those 2000 were part of her campaign.

So as pathetic as that sounds, Clinton’s campaign put this spin on the empty house according to The Washington Post:

Democrats countered that they were not expecting to fill the arena; they were thrilled, they said, to sell more than 2,000 tickets…

Bullsh*t! Clinton’s campaign booked the 10,000-seat arena because they expected to fill it. It’s a blatant lie that they say they weren’t. As for being “thrilled” to sell 2,000 tickets? Again BS. It’s embarrassing that the anointed democratic nominee only sold that many tickets and her people know it.

A huge band like Metallica books its performances in arenas because there is a reasonable expectation that they can sell out the venue. A smaller independent band like Machine Head books their shows in 1,500 seat theaters because that sized venue is appropriate for their fan base. Machine Head would never try to play the Staple’s Center; they’d be performing to a nearly empty house. It’s just common sense.

When Hillary’s campaign booked the Patriot Center, which holds 10,000 people, they did so thinking they could fill it or at least nearly fill it. They didn’t book the arena because they were hoping to get maybe 2,000 suckers in the door. If that were their expectation or high attendance goal, they would have held the event at a more appropriate venue.

Making this pathetic turnout even sadder is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is completely scripted. All of her events are controlled and all of the so-called regular people she interacts with are campaign operatives. The fact that she couldn’t put together more than a couple thousand people that are “ready for Hillary” shows how little grassroots support she actually has.

Forget Bernie Sanders kicking her ass, The Gathering of the Juggalos attracts up to 20,000 people in clown make up that want to learn how magnets work. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo brings in 30,000 perverts that have no shame in holding a newly purchased butt plug while they wait in line to buy a slice of pizza. Hillary Clinton is less popular than socialism, clown rappers, and pornography.

The funny thing is, while Hillary’s voice echoed off the vacant halls of the Patriot Center, she called Republicans the, “party of the past.” Judging by all of those empty seats, Clinton is the one that is out of touch and forgotten.